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PCB Services can address the common issues that can occur with septic tanks, including leaks, clogs, and damaged pipes. Some repairs can be easily fixed, while others may require more extensive work.

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There are several common issues that can occur with septic tanks, including leaks, clogs, and damaged pipes. Here are some common repairs that may be needed:

Broken pipes: If there are broken pipes in your septic system, they will need to be replaced.

Clogged pipes: Clogs can occur in the pipes leading to the tank or the drain field. Our staff can clear these blockages using specialized equipment.

Leaks: Leaks can occur in the tank itself or in the pipes leading to the drain field. If the leak is minor, it may be possible to repair it. If it’s a major leak, the tank may need to be replaced.

Drain field issues: If the drain field is not draining properly, it may need to be replaced or repaired.

If you need to install a new septic tank, PCB services can arrange the complete purchase and installation. Here are the steps involved:

Choose the right location: Make sure to choose a location that is away from any water sources or underground utility lines. The council will be involved in the approval of the septic tank location.

Excavate the area: Once you’ve chosen your location, excavate the area to the required depth and shape to accommodate your septic tank.

Install the tank: Lower the septic tank into place, and make sure it is level. Connect the inlet and outlet pipes to the tank.

Connect the drain field: Connect the drain field pipes to the septic tank.

Landscape: Fill the tank with fresh water  and Backfill with soil as required.

It is mandatory that tanks are installed and repaired by licensed professionals to ensure it’s done safely and correctly.


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